Become a US onAir Member

Become a US onAir Member


OnAir membership is currently on an invitation-only basis and can be obtained through your state’s hub e.g. or

Each state Hub will have its own membership requirements. For example, most state Hubs, once they have a student Hub management team, will start off requiring a .edu email address. Once a Hub’s Student onAir Council decides it’s ready for the public, it will then be open to any resident of their state.

OnAir membership will enable you to:

  • Participate in forum discussions in posts in your state Hub and in the national Hub.
  • Give feedback to onAir Moderators and Curators on post content;
  • Ask questions, make suggestions, and give endorsements;
  • Participate in aircasts (livestreamed Zoom events) as part of audience;

To become an onAir member, all that is required  is your first and last name, an email address, and your zip code.

Your real name and any other profile information will NOT be displayed unless you choose to do so. Your personal information is NOT shared with any other website or organization.

Fill out the form below to become a US onAir member and an onAir member of your state Hub. It’s free!

Membership Form

Note: It looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Some elements of this form may require JavaScript to work properly. If you have trouble submitting the form, try enabling JavaScript momentarily and resubmit. JavaScript settings are usually found in Browser Settings or Browser Developer menu.

Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.

Membership Features

Participate in Aircast Discussions

Streaming onAir

Become part of an aircast audience and interact with politicians through a Virginia onAir Aircast. Aircasts

See Terms of  Service for more information about our discussion guidelines.

Aircasts are Zoom meetings with featured guests and audience participation that are livestreamed to the public. Aircasts are recorded and archived in onAir Hubs and YouTube channels and shareable on social media and websites.

Participate in Forum Discussions

Give your Feedback

Every post has a feedback section where registered Hub members can, depending on the type of post:

  • Ask a post’s Moderator questions about the post
  • Recommend edits and new content
  • Ask questions and make suggestions to politicians communicated by the post’s curator
  • Give endorsements for their favorite politician

See Terms of  Service for more information about our discussion guidelines.

Privacy Policy

Your Hub activity is NOT tracked or shared. Simply visiting any US onAir network Hub also does not expose your identity publicly.

When you submit personal information to Virginia onAir for any purpose, your information will not be sold or shared with any third parties unless you give consent.

You also can, at any time, request that your information be deleted. Such requests will be honored within one business day.

To learn more, go to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy posts.

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